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SusPigSys: What it's about

Flowchart of the project

Description of work packages

WP1: Knowledge collation and item identification

Objective: To collate existing knowledge and identify points to be addressed jointly with stakeholders.

WP2: Development of assessment protocols

Objective: To develop assessment protocols based on existing farm assessment protocols and stakeholder opinion.

WP3: Data collection

• To assure high data quality by harmonising data collection across countries and systems
• To test feasibility of the developed detailed protocol on a total of 70 farms
• To apply the condensed protocol on a total of 175 farms

WP4: Analysis

• To determine the key indicators for economic, environmental and social sustainability and use the indicators to assess the synergies and trade-offs between the three pillars of sustainability in pig farms.
• To prepare a condensed assessment protocol for sustainability based on multivariate statistical analysis and on the opinion of stakeholders about the feasibility of practical implementation.
• To develop a Farmer Decision Support Tool able to be used by pig farmers in Europe to assess their economic, environmental and social sustainability.

WP5: Database integration

Objective:To develop an add-on to existing international data-bases, which focuses on the improvement of sustainability of pork production.

WP6: Dissemination

• To share information gained from the project with stakeholders.
• To provide stakeholders with access to project outcomes.
• To facilitate knowledge exchange between stakeholder groups at national and international level.